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Attendant Pro December 2015 Update: Change Other User’s Presence & Notes, Call Recording Upload & More

Download the Attendant Pro v.1.0.5835.27413 BETA MSI Installer: Click Here
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New Features “Change Presence/Note for Another User” UI surfaces SEFAUTIL Server functionality inside Attendant Pro. Call Recording Upload Location Automatically upload recordings to network location of your choice for archiving or manager listeningWhen performing a safe transfer to voicemail contact method, Attendant Pro will use Blind Transfer Attendant Pro only runs once (running it again will set focus to exsisting instance)  Contact Layout Call button logic gets additional intelligence Add Arabic (Quatar), Arabic (UAE), Spanish (Spain), Malay (Malaysia), Czech “Advanced Search” now has paging if more than one page of results are returnedImprovements/Fixes of Exsisting FeaturesUpdated French, German, Danish, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, & Chinese. Fixed - Tool tips on Contact Card contact methods are …

Attendant Pro October 2015 Update: Call Recording, Park For Group/User Button & More

Download the Attendant Pro v.1.0.5766.27587 BETA MSI Installer: Click HereNew Features Call Recording On Demand or All Calls1-Click “Park For” Quick Access Shortcuts: Easily add icons Added “Consult Transfer”  shortcut key label at bottom of screen Added all shortcut keys tooltip Button in Configuration to open Attendant Pro log files Improvements/Fixes Custom Contact Layout XAML validation and error checkingCall Recording (Feature Included inside Attendant Pro)For more details on Call Recording included in Attendant Pro, click here.We have another solution coming soon, Call Recording Pro, which is a solution for users that don’t run Attendant Pro. If you have interest, sign up to be a part of the Call Recording Pro BETA group: click here1-Click Park For User or Group “Park For” functionality has been in Attendant Pro since Q2 2015, but in this version we have surfaced it as a single click button right on the “Current Call” panel. Park for allows you to double click a Group or C…

Call Recording Pro for Skype for Business: 1 Minute Install & No Server Call Recording Solution

Sign Up to be a part of the Call Recording Pro BETA group: click hereWe are glad to announce Call Recording Pro for Skype for Business (Lync): a call recording solution that is a 1 Minute Install and requires No Servers and is easy to roll out to groups without involvement of central IT.Call Recording Pro technology will be introduced first as functionality built-in Attendant Pro in just a few days, after that it will introduced in a very light agent that can be installed on any computer running Skype for Business for Windows and can be rolled out centrally using standard Windows management tools. Call Recording Po will be a recording solution whether or not your organization is using Attendant Pro.How Does It Work?Call Recording Pro is a small application that runs side by side with Skype for Business client for Windows that records calls. Install in a minute and start recording. That easy.FeaturesBelow are some of the features:Ability to record Every Call (No click) or On Demand wit…

How to Get the GUID of the Address Book in Office365

Open the Exchange admin center in Office 365 > permissions > admin roles Add the Address Lists roll to an existing roll group or create a new role group with the Address List role. Make sure you are a member of the group. Connect to Office 365 with Powershell: $session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange -ConnectionUri "" -Credential $cred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection Import-PSSession $session Get GUID of global address list: Get-GlobalAddressList | fl name, guid Get GUID of other address list: List address lists: Get-AddressList | fl name Enter name of address list in place of addresslistname below: Get-AddressList -Identity "addresslistname" | fl name, guid Disconnect PowerShell session: Get-PSSession | Remove-PSSession

Sept 2015 Update: Search Performance Improvements, Advanced Search, Search External Contact Lists & More

Download the v1.0.5725.25009 MSI Installer: Click HereNew Features Significant Search Performance Improvements Advanced Search New Filtering Capabilities Search Exchange GAL via EWS Search Any External Contact List Multiple Contact Lists PC and User Level Contact Lists Saved Dynamic Contact Groups Segmented Contact List Connect to Exchange different than local PC credentials Search Results Limit Search Results Count Fixes DTMF with “Transfer on Answer” would sometimes not allow switching “keypad mode” between DTMF &  DIAL.Significant Search Performance Improvements We have done some refactoring of our search code that makes significant performance improvements to the existing Basic Search and the new Advanced Search. Advanced SearchBy default Attendant Pro uses Basic contact search which uses the Skype for Business SDK logic for searching for contacts. We have now added Advanced contact search which increases performance, add more flexible filtering, adds ability to se…

June 2015 Update: Shared Contact Notes, Group Voicemail, “What’s Next” Calendar View & Much More!

Download the v1.0.5660.21407 MSI Installer: click hereNew Features Centralized/Shared Contact Notes (No Additional Server) Group Voicemail (Quick Access Shortcut Menu/QASM) Visual What's Next Agenda Calendar View in Contact Details Related Contacts – Org related contacts on Contact Details Contact Details Enhancements Saved Conversations (QASM) Tag for Status Alerts Customizable "Park For" template Saved Search (QASM) RGS Agent Group 1-Click Sign In/Out
RGS Agent Group hove now shows agent group members Print Shortcut Key Cheat Sheet (Options screen) Clicking "Keypad Mode" in status bar area will toggle DTMF mode when in a call Allow global hotkeys for Quick Access Shortcuts (QASM)Fixes Disabled horizontal scroll bars when windows "enlarge text and graphics" Mute and Caller picture renders correctly when AP is started mid call Experience better when trying to assign a shortcut key that is already assigned Voicemail indicator(s) updates…

Attendant Pro for Lync & Skype for Business Gets #Skype4B & #Lync UI, Quick Access Shortcuts Menu, Call Park for Groups & More

Our team will be at Microsoft Ignite/May 4-8, 2015 and is excited to announce a significant update to Attendant Pro for Lync & Skype for Business. This update includes ability to select Skype for Business or Lync 2013 user interface, Quick Access Shortcuts Menu, Call Park for Groups and much more. If you would like to meet our team and get a personal demo of these new features see us at booth #415 or email to schedule a meeting.New FeaturesSkype for Business User Interface Delegate and Anonymous RGS “Call As” feature Setting to be able “Call As” as certain delegate or RGS for 1 call or until changedPark for Group Park for User Transfer calls from Hold Transfer Held calls to Current Call Merge Held calls to Current Call Copy Call Park # 1-Click Shortcut Menu System Call plus DTMF shortcuts Call Forwarding shortcuts Run EXE or URL shortcuts Create 1-Click communication shortcuts with keyboard hotkeys for these & more actions: Commonly call…