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Call Recording Pro Q2-2017 Update: MP3 Recording, Select Dial SfB 2016 Compatibility & More

Below is a summary of the new features in the Q2-2017 update for Call Recording Pro, Call Recording for Office 365 & Skype for Business solution. The update can be downloaded here. Read more about Call Recording for Office 365 & Skype for Business here.MP3 Recording Format (MP3 or WAV selectable)Select Dial compatibility with Skype for Business 2016 clientAuto start now ensures Call Recording Pro starts in the correct sequence (only starts after Skype for Business)Fixed –Call recording bug around RGS call being answered by another user fixedFixed –Park & Hold shortcut key tools tips Fixed – Grab focus keyboard shortcutFixed – Turning on button click soundFixed – Recordings not saved in user’s roaming profileFixed – Shortcut key setup disabled when setting pushed out with GPOFixed – Open log folder opens to AP logs