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Attendant Pro March 2016 Update: Skype for Business UI Improvements, Out of Office Indicator, Transfer to VM & More

BEFORE YOU UPDATE READ & BE AWARE OF HOW UPDATES WILL AFFECT YOUR USERS. ESPECIALLY THE FIRST 3 ITEMS:When a user clicks voicemail contact method when a call is in “Transfer Mode”, Attendant Pro will always do Blind Transfer, even if call is in consult Transfer (Current implementation: if a call is in ANY transfer mode, clicking voicemail on a contact will do a blind transfer to voicemail, even for "Park For")The Code signing certificate was changed including the name. (THIS MAY AFFECT PEOPLE USING APPLOCKER)Changed the call recording folder from AppData/Roaming to AppData/Local.Many UI Improvements to make user interface match Skype for Business even more closely.French translation improved by human translationSkype for Business style Out of Office indicatorSkype for Business small (one line) presence style on Small & Medium "Contact Layouts"Skype for Business style Call & SmartCall iconsSmartCall buttons are now indicated with an additional dot on the…