Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Attendant Pro March 2016 Update: Skype for Business UI Improvements, Out of Office Indicator, Transfer to VM & More


  • When a user clicks voicemail contact method when a call is in “Transfer Mode”, Attendant Pro will always do Blind Transfer, even if call is in consult Transfer (Current implementation: if a call is in ANY transfer mode, clicking voicemail on a contact will do a blind transfer to voicemail, even for "Park For")
  • The Code signing certificate was changed including the name. (THIS MAY AFFECT PEOPLE USING APPLOCKER)
  • Changed the call recording folder from AppData/Roaming to AppData/Local.


  • Many UI Improvements to make user interface match Skype for Business even more closely.
  • French translation improved by human translation
  • Skype for Business style Out of Office indicator
  • Skype for Business small (one line) presence style on Small & Medium "Contact Layouts"
  • Skype for Business style Call & SmartCall icons
  • SmartCall buttons are now indicated with an additional dot on the call icon (see example)
  • EWS Connection Status (for Address book, MWI, etc) indicates green of connected successfully
  • Make EWS alternate credential management more user-friendly
  • Hide EWS note field when EWS is turned off or not working.
  • Contact Group "Pinned Contacts" is now named "Favorites" to match Skype for Business
  • Quite a bit of Skype for Business styling: Current Call window shading/color,
  • Menu styling more closely matches Skype for Business & Lync 2013
  • Enhancement: User Interface UI Logging added to logs
  • Contact Group icons to indicate if a group is a distribution group.
  • Indicate outgoing Ringing call as "Calling" state, not merely "Inactive" till call is established
  • Many Translation Improvements
  • Skype for Business style Retrieve Voicemail icon
  • Skype for Business style voicemail icon on "Contact Layouts"
  • Call Information window: Make default regex so that it works out of box
  • Fix: Default delegate is not re-selected after sign out/in of Skype4B
  • Fix: Shortcuts quick reference on bottom now reflect changes without restart.
  • Fix: If Skype4B user signs out and in, user name/delegate drop down now continues to work.
  • Fix: When you search for contact using criteria (Department:(Partners) it sometimes shows the results twice or more.
  • Out of Office text formatting on Large Contact Card
  • Add Out of Office Tool Tip on Large Contact Card
  • Add Skype for Business style Out of Office Indicator on Contact Layout & Contact Details


Out of Office Indicator on “Contact Layouts” & “Contact Details” Panel

Attendant Pro now has Skype for Business style “Out of Office” indicator. It is on Contact Layouts (Contact Groups, Contact Search & Related Contacts) and on the Contact Details panel.

2016-04-05 08_45_46-Attendant Pro

Small Contact Layout
2016-04-05 08_40_44-Attendant Pro

Contact Details

2016-04-05 08_39_54-Attendant Pro

“Smart Call” versus “Call” indicator: Know when you are explicitly calling a Skype4B Contact or Using “Smart Call”

We are now using distinct icons to visually show when a call button is a “Smart Call” or regular Skype for Business/Lync “Call” button. The Smart Call icon includes an extra dot to indicate it is using Smart Call logic to determine the number that will be called.

2016-03-31 14_42_53-Attendant Pro

Smart Call Will use Smart logic. Hover to see what it will call.
2016-03-31 14_45_04- Call Will call only the SIP contact


Download the MSI: Click Here

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