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Attendant Pro for Skype for Business 2016 Quick Start Guide

Attendant Console for Skype for Business 2016 Quick Start Guide available here: PDFOther Office 2016 Quick Start Guides Available Here: Click Here

Microsoft Teams Attendant Console UX: We are committed to a Familiar Future

Whatever the future we believe receptionists should have a familiar & integrated experience. We have invested in developing a UX layer that enables us to deliver user interfaces that create a seamless & familiar attendant console companion to the Microsoft Office 365 or Skype powered tool of your choice. Whether Skype for Business 2015, Skype for Business 2016, Microsoft Lync 2013 or some other future Microsoft user interface, with Attendant Pro you can count on moving into the future with confidence.
Attendant Pro demonstration of a Microsoft Teams user experience.

Attendant Pro Sept 2016 (Q3-2016) Update: Analytics Dashboard, See Contacts by Department, Office, Etc; Configure Current Call Buttons & More

Download MSI ver. 1.0.x Click HereNew FeaturesAttendant Console Analytics Dashboard (No Server, No Office 365 Dependency)Advanced SearchOutlook-style Search FiltersSee Contacts in a Department (Office, Location, Title) By Select from a List Created From Contact List1-Click Saved SearchSetting to remove unused call transfer buttons from the “Current Call” Sign In or Out of all Skype for Business RGS Queues w/1-Click or Button Press (definable hotkeys)Setting to Auto-Close conversations started by Attendant Pro (suppress inactive conversation windows)“Handled Calls” Panel displays the Contact who picked up a parked call“Medium Contact List” formatted Contact Layout addedLocal Machine Settings (Hkey local machine) apply to all users on a machineAttendant Pro lab tested with JAWS Accessibility softwareAdded Icelandic  language (machine)Users can easily give Feedback via Microsoft Office like feedback navigationEnhancementsPop out Contact from Contact Details header panelContacts styled a …

Attendant Pro June 2016 Update: Assistant, Segmented Contact Search, Search Exchange Public Folders & Multi-Monitor Support & More

Download MSI v. 1.0.6032.27801 Here: Click Here FeaturesRelated Contacts now displays the Exchange Assistant contact (using EWS/No Additional Servers) Segmented (pre filtered) Contact List Search (No Server Required) Limit search results to Office, Department or other criteria of your choice. (no IT intervention)Advanced Search: Exchange/EWS Public Folder Contact List(s) can now be a contact list search source (along w/Exchange GAL & CSV files) Pop Out “Contact Details” panel/s onto any monitor Have commonly used contacts pinned to any monitor for 1 click call or transfer accessAdded List Contact Layouts (Now there is Tile or List formatted contact layouts) F1 Help Multilingual Help (ES, DE, FR at this time) (online) Call Pops based on RGS or Display Name ({DisplayName} and {RGSName} variable now available) CSV Contact List search now supports Unicode characters Safe Transfers & Park For’s that are returned to operator now indica…

Attendant Pro March 2016 Update: Skype for Business UI Improvements, Out of Office Indicator, Transfer to VM & More

BEFORE YOU UPDATE READ & BE AWARE OF HOW UPDATES WILL AFFECT YOUR USERS. ESPECIALLY THE FIRST 3 ITEMS:When a user clicks voicemail contact method when a call is in “Transfer Mode”, Attendant Pro will always do Blind Transfer, even if call is in consult Transfer (Current implementation: if a call is in ANY transfer mode, clicking voicemail on a contact will do a blind transfer to voicemail, even for "Park For")The Code signing certificate was changed including the name. (THIS MAY AFFECT PEOPLE USING APPLOCKER)Changed the call recording folder from AppData/Roaming to AppData/Local.Many UI Improvements to make user interface match Skype for Business even more closely.French translation improved by human translationSkype for Business style Out of Office indicatorSkype for Business small (one line) presence style on Small & Medium "Contact Layouts"Skype for Business style Call & SmartCall iconsSmartCall buttons are now indicated with an additional dot on the…