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December 2014 Updates: Operator Notes, Suppress Toast, Edit Contact Layouts, RGS Queue Monitoring, More

We have added a lot of new features in the December 2014 update:NEW FEATURES 0000-Editable Attendant/Operator Notes for Contacts and Phone Numbers using EWS 0000-Voicemail Count indicator (uses EWS) 0000-Call Park Hotkey 0000-Danish internationalization added 0000-French internationalization added 0000-Operator contact notes show on current call window and Contact Details panel 0000-IM button User Experience Optimized- works just like or better than Lync 0000-Added Tab UI on "Options" window 0000-Handle smaller screen resolutions without clipping right side of Attendant Pro 0000-Private Call now indicated on incoming call toast 0000-Calling Number Displayed on Toast 0000-On Hold indication when remote Lync user puts you on holdFIXES & SMALLER ADDITIONS 0000-FIX Redialing name now resolve correctly 0000-contactTitle "contact layout" propertyBETA Features (if they cause a problem disable) 0000-Custom Contact layouts: Ability to use XAML to customiz…

Attendant Pro Get Operator Contact Notes Using Standard Exchange Technology

COMING SOON: We are introducing the ability for console operators to store their own notes about callers (phone numbers, Lync contact objects) in Attendant Pro. A fundamental goal of Attendant Pro is to ensure that no additional servers are required and this has been adhered to. We have also made several improvements over Attendant 2010 Console by utilizing existing Microsoft technology.Extremely simple to start using: User does nothing, just starts adding notes! Extremely simple for admin: Admin does nothing! (if console user has Exchange Account setup) We use standard Exchange contacts via Exchange Web Services (unlike Attendant 2010 use of proprietary XML file located on single PC) Using EWS means that Operator Contact Notes are available on any PC an operator logs on with their own credentials Using standard Exchange contacts means that you can use Outlook or OWA to add, modify, copy, import or print Operator Contact Notes: No new technology to learn. (no proprietary XML to le…

Attendant Pro for Lync and Better Together Over Ethernet

Enjoy our video demonstration of Attendant Pro for Lync with an integrated Lync Qualified IP Phone with Better Together Over Ethernet.Attendant Pro works with all Lync Qualified devices with Better Together over Ethernet or Better Together (USB). This includes snom, Polycom, Audiocodes and Aastra (Mitel).Free Attendant Pro for Lync Trial Can Be Running on Your System In 1 Minute:

Attendant Pro for Lync Oct 2014 Update: New Features

Our Attendant Pro for Lync October 2014 update has quite few new features that we are glad to announce!New Features[NEW] 1-Click Contact Calendar Access™ functionality (blog) [NEW] "Send an Email" available on all contact layouts via context menu [NEW] "Email Call Reminder", "Email" and "Open Calendar" is available on all Contact Layouts via right click menu [NEW] "Contact Search" contact(s) layout changes when contact layout format changed [NEW] Setting to turn "button click" sound on/off [NEW] Contact Details Panel (right-click "Options" | View Contact Details Panel) [NEW] Norwegian (Norway) internationalization added

Attendant Pro Gets 1-Click Calendar Access: Easily View Shared User Exchange Calendars

Note: Update available immediately have just released a new version that includes (among many other new features):
1-Click Calendar Access functionality! This means your operators can now with 1-click see contact Exchange shared calendar details.

As with every feature in Attendant Pro for Lync this one is super simple and requires no additional servers. It’s pretty easy to demo as well: Just click on the “Open Calendar” button on any contact1 and presto…the full Outlook Calendar! Also, no matter what contact layout you are using the “Open Calendar” 1-Click Open Exchange Calendar™ functionality is available via a context menu. The Windows context menu button means this functionality is efficiently available via keyboard as well.Some of the benefits of Attendant Pro for Lync “1-Click Open Exchange Calendar” from an administration standpoint:No additional servers or server components to configure Use standard Microsoft Exchange Server skills to admi…