Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Attendant Pro Q4-2017 Update: IM Consult Transfer, Microsoft Teams UX, Call History, Calendars & Configure Contacts & More

Below is a summary of the new features in Q4-2017 (November 2017) update for Attendant Pro, which can be downloaded here as MSI installer. (register for upcoming webinar or see other webinars)

1 Click Automatic IM Consult Transfer

IM Automatic Consultant Transfer makes consult transfer 1-Click & Attendant Pro does the rest! The steps are:

  • Just click on a contact you want to consult transfer to and Attendant Pro does the rest!
  • The receptionists just selects the contact they want to consult. (& moves on to answer other calls!)
    • Attendant Pro will put the current call on hold
    • Then Instant Message’s the contact the receptionist selected, asking if they want to take the call? & Press 0=No, 1=Yes & 2=To Voicemail.
    • Wait for a response, while indicating to the receptionist if timeout period has elapsed
    • If the call is accepted, Attendant Pro will automatically transfer the call (after a short, definable delay. )

Click on IM Consult Transfer and double click a contact. Attendant Pro will put the call on hold & IM the contact asking them if they want to take the call.


Select a contact.


Now Attendant Pro will automatically send the contact an IM.


Now Attendant Pro will wait for a reply. While it is waiting a status indicator will indicate to the receptionist

  • Yellow = Waiting & still inside response time parameters.
  • Green = Consulted user has accepted the call & it will momentarily be automatically transferred.
  • Red/Warning = Waiting time has passed defined response time parameters & reception should take an alternative action.


When the consulted user responds with an IM that they would like to take the call, the status indicator will turn Green which means the call will momentarily be automatically be transferred. (The receptionist can still manually handle the call if they pick it up right now)


After a short, definable pause the call will be automatically transferred by Attendant Pro.


Congratulations on doing a IM Consult Transfer with 1 Click!


Private Call Park for Office 365 Cloud PBX (aka Phone System)

Automatic IM Consult Transfer is essentially an Office 365 Private Call Park. Thinking of the feature as a Private Call Park, the receptionist can put the call on park for the user and they can pick it up when they are ready or send it to their own voicemail.

Microsoft Teams Attendant Console User Experience

Attendant Pro now includes a full Microsoft Teams user experience including:

  • Microsoft Teams User Interface
  • Microsoft Teams are included in Contact Groups
  • Ability to transfer calls to Teams users based on coming Skype-Teams Interop*


Microsoft Teams are included in Contact Groups and will show the Team Members as contacts in Attendant Pro. Skype for Business Contact Groups, Exchange Distribution Groups and Teams will display side by side.


When Skype-Team Interop is released by Microsoft, attendants will be able to transfer calls to Microsoft Teams users as well as Skype for Business users.

To turn on Microsoft Teams showing up as groups in Attendant Pro go to Options & then “Enable API Access” to Microsoft Teams. Then enable “Show Microsoft Teams groups”.

* Roadmap lists Skype-Teams Interop for CYH2-2018

Advanced Call History

Up till now we have depended on Outlook (Exchange) to provide basic call history for Attendant Pro. In the Q4-2017 release we provide a new screen with advanced call history. Advanced call history provides several benefits over Outlook (Exchange):

  • Tracks more details & analytics about each call: who the call was transferred to, what type of transfer, hold time & more.
  • Gives 1 Click access to Call Recording, CRM record, Contact Details, Conversation Details & More
  • Configurable “Conversation Details” area allows you to surface information that is important to you & hide what is not for a clean, uncluttered experience.
  • Call History items have all the 1-Click functionality of a Contact (ie: right click menu, contact buttons)

Below is the Call History panel with the Call Recording playback panel pinned so it can be seen at a glance and played with a click. Additional information panels can be added as desired.



View Other User’s Calendars Inside Attendant Pro at a Glance

Receptionists can now view other user’s calendars right inside Attendant Pro without having Microsoft Outlook even installed. When Contacts are selected user calendars can be viewed in the Contact Details panel with no extra keystrokes or clicks.


The ability to see other user’s calendars is dependent on Exchange calendar permissions. Default permissions are view Free / Busy status.

Note: The ability to pop open the Microsoft Outlook calendar is still available, but moving forward will be deprecated as the method for viewing other user’s calendars.

Contact Designer: Easily Configure Your Own Contact Layout

Contact Designer allows you to modify your contacts to show the Labels and buttons of your choice. Just navigate to Options | Contacts | General (tab) and begin to modify the Contact Layouts to your organizations needs. The default layout looks like the below.


If you would like to add the “Company Name” to Row 2 of the Contact, just select from the dropdown and click Insert. If you regularly use “Call Back Reminder” & not Mobile & Instant Message, just Insert the buttons you wish, in the order you wish.


Note that Contact Designer will change all the Contact Layouts: Small, Medium, Large, Small List, Medium List & Large List. Below is the Large layout.


Label Options


Button Options


Note: We recommend using this method to modify Contact Layouts over the older XAML Custom Contact method.

Configurable “Detail” Panels (“Contact Details, Conversation Details, etc.)

We’ve enhanced Details panels in Attendant Pro to make them configurable to give receptionists “at-a-glance” access to what is important to them. This can be done by:

  • Pinning important panel(s)
  • Selected tab shows with no extra click when a Contact is selected
  • Other tabs just 1 click away
  • Sizing panels optimally

The Contact Details has several tabs that can be pinned: General, Related Contacts & Calendar. Any tab can be pinned so it is available at-a-glance with no additional click needed.

In the below example we’ve pinned the “Calendar” & set the “Related Contacts” to be the selected Tab.


Below is an example with no tabs pinned, and the “Related Contacts” tab selected.


Configurable details panels allows a lot of detail information to be displayed or access quickly with as few keystrokes or clicks as possible.



Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Landis Technologies SEFAUtil Server Free Community vs Paid License Comparison

As of November 15, 2017 SEFAUtil Server licenses are as follows:

  • All current (not discontinued) licensing now includes all features
  • Skype for Business MVP’s qualify for a free NFR license for all features for internal use.
  • A Free Community license is available for systems with less than 50 users. (Community support)
  • You do not lose existing Community licenses you may have from before November 15.
  • Get a quote on Landis SEFAUtil Server license by emailing your system user count to sales@landiscomputer.com

A Comparison of “Old” Community and Current licenses:


imageMVP Program: Landis Technologies provides a free, full, unlimited, license of Landis SEFAUtil Server to all Skype for Business MVP's and select community influencers for NFR & internal use. Email sales@landiscomputer.com to get your full license.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Landis Technologies Shows Attendant Console for Skype for Business & Teams at GITEX 2017

Dubai, UAE October 5, 2017 – Landis Technologies is showing Attendant Pro for Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams at GITEX 2017 highlighting that Attendant Pro is an attendant console solution that is especially suited for MEA by accommodating common call scenarios and supporting local language needs.


The Landis Technologies’ team is available to meet at the Microsoft partner stand in Hall 7, B7-10.


The Landis Technologies’ team is available to meet at the Microsoft partner stand in Hall 7, B7-10 (for scheduled meetings only). To schedule a meeting email sales@landiscomputer.com.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Landis Technologies Announces Microsoft Teams Attendant Console

Orlando, Florida Sept 25, 2017 - Landis Technologies is announcing and demonstrating Attendant Pro for Office 365 Phone System is now enabled as a Microsoft Teams Attendant Console by using the new Graph API for Microsoft Teams at Microsoft Ignite 2017. Attendant Pro will enable receptionists and operators to efficiently transfer calls to Microsoft Teams users with 1 Click.

Attendant Pro for Microsoft Teams is the first Microsoft Certified attendant console to integrate Microsoft Teams into the receptionist console client using the new Microsoft Graph API's. Operators can easily transfer callers to users in Teams, Skype for Business groups or Exchange Lists with 1 Click. The Attendant Pro user interface is a clean & familiar Microsoft Teams user experience.

  • Familiar Microsoft Teams User Experience
  • Handle Calls destined for Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users using the coming Skype to Teams interop
  • Microsoft Teams, are now seamlessly integrated into Attendant Pro allow 1 click transfers to Teams, Skype for Business Groups or Exchange Distribution List Users
  • Efficiently Search for Teams or Skype for Business users in simple, unified user interface
attendant pro for teams
1-Microsoft Teams User Interface. 2-Handle calls destined for Teams users 3-Microsoft Teams are integrated into the attendant experience 4-Efficiently search and transfer to Teams users.
Attendant Pro seamlessly handles incoming calls that need to be transferred to Skype for Business or Microsoft Teams users, allowing you to use Attendant Pro for Skype for Business now and transition to Microsoft Teams when you are ready. Your investment in Attendant Pro for Skype for Business & Office 365 is future proof because it can be used for Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business contacts.
See a demo of Attendant Pro for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business at Booth #1456 (or watch a video demo here) or email paul@landiscomputer.com.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Landis Technologies Showing Attendant Console for Microsoft Phone System at Microsoft Ignite 2017

The Landis Technologies team will be presenting Attendant Pro for Office 365 Phone System (formerly Cloud PBX) at Booth #1456. Attendant Pro is a Microsoft Certified attendant console which works with Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams.


Attendant Pro works with Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business

Stop by our booth to get the first peek at Attendant Pro for Microsoft Teams, the first attendant console designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. (Note: The below is not a screenshot of what will be demonstrated. Features and user experience will only be demonstrated after the Keynote.)


Landis Technologies’ Skype for Business MVP, Matt Landis, will presenting a discussion in session BRK3370 titled "What Microsoft Teams Means for Skype for Business Community & Customers". This session is organized by Brian Ricks and will include several Skype for Business MVP session related to Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams.


Landis Technologies is giving away a DJI Phantom 3 drone. Those who stop in at the Landis Technologies Booth #1456 and give “30 Second Video Feedback” about our products or your thoughts on Microsoft Teams will be entered to win. You need to be present at Microsoft Ignite 2017 to win, but you are always welcome to give us product feedback at this URL.

Image result for dji drone phantom 3

Landis Technologies will be at Microsoft Ignite Booth #1456 or available for scheduled meeting by emailing paul@landiscomputer.com.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Attendant Pro Q3-2017 Update: Manager Analytics & Reporting, Dynamics 365/CRM Add a Phone Call, Alerts & More

Below is a summary of the new features and fixes in Q3-2017 (August 2017) update for Attendant Pro. This update can be downloaded here as a MSI installer. Those with Attendant Pro Q2-2017 will get an in app notification of update available as well.
  • Alert user when Call is on Hold Too Long (definable hold times)
  • Indicate Remote Party Hung Up
  • Indicate Call Queue or Team Call is answered by another user
  • Indicate "Connecting" between when RGS/Call Queue is answered and audio live
  • Add a Phone Call to Dynamics 365/CRM Contact or Account
    • Rule: if there is a Contact add to that. If Account add to that.
  • Better indicate which Dynamics 365 record a Note or Phone Call will be added to
  • Centralized Call Detail Reporting
  • Upload Call Detail Reporting to a network location
  • Track Missed Calls in CDR
  • Light up Attendant Pro with Office 365 UCWA functionality
    • Utilize Office 365 UCWA
  • Advanced Search
    • EWS Address Book is now automatically cached in a local database & updated in the background
    •   Can search personal Exchange contact lists of the User
    •   Address list files can now be located on a central network drive
    •   CSV file template/example can easily be downloaded from
  • {Exchangenote} is now a parameter in Call Back Reminder/Call Park templates
  • User Interface Enhancements
    • Context menu style & icons updated
    • Skype for Business 2016 Font matched more exactly
    • Dropdown menus style more consistent
    • "Contact layouts" buttons & icons updated
    • Added button pressed indication on Current Call & Contact Layouts
    • Some button icons made to match Skype for Business 2016 a bit more closely
    • Hover colors improved in the Microsoft Teams user interface
  • Contact Layout Enhancements
    • Medium Contact List layout redesigned
    • Ability to turn off Avatar/Press hover contact card
    • Large & Medium Contact List buttons more closely match SfB 2016

Centralized Manager Analytics & Reporting

Attendant Pro now allows call details to be uploaded for centralized reporting. This allows a manager to monitor group of Attendant Pro receptionists in a combined report.
How to configure this? Go to Options | Reporting |
Designate a shared location in “Upload Folder”.
All Attendant Pro instances pointed to the same folder will write to the same CSV file for one consolidated list of calls. (as shown below) The various Attendant Pro instances will gracefully share the CSV file among themselves.
Note: If a user opens the CSV file it will not be available to Attendant Pro to write new calls to it. Use Microsoft Excel data connection to work with the data.

Alerting: Alert User when Call Hold Time is Approaching Too Long

Attendant Pro now includes definable, real-time warning & alert indication which helps achieve call handling goals. The first alert we’ve added assists with hold time goals.
After the designated amount of seconds passes (warning criteria) a countdown timer animation begins indicating time till “Critical” alert will be displayed.
When a call has been on hold too long (“Critical”), the hold time blinks in red, indicating goal has not been met on this call.

How to configure this (and future additional alerts): Go to Options | Caller Information:

Add a Phone Call to Dynamics 365/CRM Contact or Account

We’ve added the ability to add a "Phone Call” Dynamics 365/CRM Activity from inside Attendant Pro’s familiar & fast interface with a click.
Now users can add a Phone Call activity in Dynamics 365/CRM based on the current caller without even opening the Dynamics user interface (& correspondingly slow user interface).

Clear Indication That the Remote Party Hung Up

When a remote party rings a receptionist and then hangs up before the receptionist has time to answer, it can appear like Skype for Business has “dropped the call” since the Skype for Business client toast just stops without any indication what happened. We have added an additional indicator, similar to a user leaving a meeting in the Skype for Business client, that indicates the caller ended the call to avoid having the receptionist misdiagnose this scenario.

Clear Indication That You Have Answer a Call Queue/RGS Call

When a receptionist answers a call coming via a Call Queue or Response Group there is a bit of a delay between answering and when they can start greeting the caller. Attendant Pro clearly indicates they have accepted the call and it is in the process of connecting.

Indication that Another User Answer this Call

When Team Call or Call Queues ring more than one user and another user answers the call it is indicated.

User Interface Enhancements

We’ve done significant work to make the UI even more refined & more perfectly match Skype for Business 2016.
or Microsoft Teams.


Friday, July 7, 2017

SEFAUtil Server Q2-2017 Update: GA & Adds Contact List Management, Boss Admin & More


This update includes:

  • User contact list management (add groups & contacts)
  • Change forwarding via IM BOT
  • Get & Set Presence via Powershell
  • Remote PowerShell
  • WCF endpoint is available
  • Added Server parameter to designate server
  • Added description to the server service
  • Added ability to clear a user note
  • Added ability to have first parameter the sip address without specifying it
  • Improved PowerShell Help
  • Improved Documentation

Get the update here: Click Here

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Call Recording Pro Q2-2017 Update: MP3 Recording, Select Dial SfB 2016 Compatibility & More

Below is a summary of the new features in the Q2-2017 update for Call Recording Pro, Call Recording for Office 365 & Skype for Business solution. The update can be downloaded here. Read more about Call Recording for Office 365 & Skype for Business here.

  • MP3 Recording Format (MP3 or WAV selectable)
  • Select Dial compatibility with Skype for Business 2016 client
  • Auto start now ensures Call Recording Pro starts in the correct sequence (only starts after Skype for Business)
  • Fixed –Call recording bug around RGS call being answered by another user fixed
  • Fixed –Park & Hold shortcut key tools tips
  • Fixed – Grab focus keyboard shortcut
  • Fixed – Turning on button click sound
  • Fixed – Recordings not saved in user’s roaming profile
  • Fixed – Shortcut key setup disabled when setting pushed out with GPO
  • Fixed – Open log folder opens to AP logs


Thursday, May 4, 2017

Attendant Pro Q2-2017 Update: Transfer Advisor, Dynamics 365/CRM & Skype for Business Merged User Experience, Color Code Call Queue/RGS Calls & More

Below is a summary of the new features in Q2-2017 (May 2017) update for Attendant Pro, which can be downloaded here as MSI installer.

  • Transfer Advisor
  • Dynamics 365/CRM & Skype for Business Merged User Experience
  • Color Code Call Queue & Response Group Service Calls for at-a-glance identification
  • Color code calls for specific users for at-a-glance identification
  • “Saved Searches” now appear in the “Contact Group” area as a “Group”
  • Microsoft Outlook style “Contact Group” area layout
  • Compact dropdown style “Contact Group” area layout
  • List incoming call toast style
  • Attendant Pro attendant/operator “Notes” now display on incoming call & handled call toast
  • Ability to “Meet Now” from Options Menu
  • Update notification and 1-Click update
  • Dutch translation improved by human translation
  • Splash screen
  • Auto start Attendant Pro on Windows start
  • Additional Logging around call recording
  • Added Attendant Pro version in log file
  • Additional user interface theming to make Attendant Pro even closer to Skype for Business UI
  • Microsoft Teams attendant console user interface
  • Bug Fix: UCWA credentials improvement in scenario that pool for user resource is different from the pool for the application resource
  • Mitigated a Skype for Business client bug that allows answering more than one simultaneously ringing incoming RGS call


Transfer Advisor: Suggested Likely Transfer Contacts for this Caller

Transfer Advisor automatically suggests the most likely contacts a caller will want to be transferred to based on intelligence gathered from multiple sources including caller history and Office 365 or Microsoft on premises servers.

  • “Transfer Advisor” suggested contacts are shown side by side with Searched contacts
  • Caller history is seamlessly shared among attendants for more rapid relevance with our “No Additional Servers” & “No Server Configuration” sharing technology. (or can be configured not to share)
  • “Transfer Advisor” uses your available Office 365 or On Premises data from Exchange, Skype for Business, Dynamics 365/CRM & LinkedIn to suggest who this caller will want to be transferred to in your company with very high accuracy.


If the “Transfer Advisor” contact group is selected, when you answer a call the group will be populated with suggested contact. If the Transfer Advisor group is not selected when you answer a call, the suggested contacts will displayed in the “Search” panel.

The more services Attendant Pro is connected to (Dynamics 365/CRM, LinkedIn, etc) the more suggestions will light up.

How to configure: Click Here

Dynamics 365/CRM & Skype for Business Merged User Experience

The Dynamics 365/CRM integration we are introducing into Attendant Pro is more than “call pop”:  Instead, it is Dynamics & Skype for Business being brought together into one continuous, seamless & familiar user experience. Dynamics 365 lights up new capabilities in the Skype for Business user experience so that what product user’s are using fades into the background and they just effortlessly complete their daily tasks. Below are some of the ways we are bringing together Skype for Business & Dynamics CRM into one experience:

  • Relevant Dynamics 365/CRM Contact/Account information surfaced in Incoming & Handled call toasts
  • Ability to add a Dynamics 365/CRM Activity Note with 1-Click inside a clean & familiar Skype for Business user interface
  • Dynamics 365/CRM Contact/Account owner suggested as likely "Transfer To" candidate
  • Be instantly notified if a PSTN Caller can collaborate using Skype for Business
  • Eliminate the need for users to “Popout” to the slow Dynamics 365/CRM web interface
  • And More

Time stamped Dynamics 365 Activity Note with 1-Click inside a clean & familiar Skype for Business user interface.


Relevant Dynamics 365/CRM Contact/Account information surfaced in Incoming & Handled call toasts


Dynamics 365/CRM Contact/Account owner contact suggested as likely "Transfer To" candidate. It looks just like any other Skype for Business contact but comes from Dynamics 365.


Merging Dynamics 365/CRM & Skype for Business into one continuous, seamless & familiar user experience will be a theme we will build on by adding additional functionality in future releases.

Color Code Call Queue & Response Group Service Calls

We enhance Office 365 Auto Attendant, Call Queues & Response Group Service calls by allowing them to be color coded. Incoming calls from different queues can now be instantly distinguished using colors.


Configuration is as simple as associating a color with text contained in the Call Queue/RGS. Just type the matching text and a hexadecimal color code or color name (example: Red) separated by a comma. Examples below:

  • Service,Red;
  • Sales,Green;

Color Code Individual Callers

Caller Name or Number can also be color coded for quick identification of key contacts. Call out very important callers.

Microsoft Teams attendant console User Interface Theme

Microsoft Teams is rapidly becoming a very significant product in the Microsoft Office suite. We are releasing Attendant Pro as the first Microsoft Teams attendant console UX for Cloud PBX or Skype for Business, to build on our theme of being familiar for users who are already using Microsoft products.


Since Attendant Pro brings a Dynamics 365/CRM & Skype for Business merged user experience, this means users can complete Dynamics 365 tasks in a familiar Microsoft Teams experience.


Attendant Pro can be downloaded here as MSI installer.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Attendant Pro Jan 2017 (Q4-2016) Update: Skype for Business 2016 UI, MP3 Recording, Export-Import Settings & More

Download MSI v1.0.6229.30832: Click Here
Get a fully working Trial or Schedule Live Demo: http://landiscomputer.com/attendantpro

  • Skype for Business 2016 User Interface & Color Scheme
    • Skype for Business 2015 & Lync 2013 are still an option
  • MP3 call recording format
  • Easily Export and Import Settings on another PC
  • Ability to push out default application settings that can be later edited by user
  • “Current Call” panel auto centers or can be manually moved up or down
  • Video buttons to Start/Stop video from Current Call, Contacts (right click) & Contact Details
  • Added Vertical “Contact Groups” layout
  • Added ability to click anywhere on the incoming call to answer
  • Ability to Get a Trial Key directly from the main screen
  • Added ability to added buttons for specific contact methods (Work, Mobile, Voicemail, Other, Home) to a “Contact Layout”
  • Small Contact Layout has been modernized
  • Large Contact Layout has been modernized
  • Large Contact List Layout has been modernized
  • “Contact Details” now have modern button look
  • Improved: Presence change icons now have Skype for Business styling
  • Improved: human German translation
  • Fixed: Call Forwarding sometimes stops working after Attendant Pro is running for awhile
  • Fixed: Out of Office & Note formatting in “Contact Details”
  • Fixed: “Vertical Tab” Character in contact fields can cause contact list not to download in “Advanced Search“
  • Fixed: Setting hot keys from Group Policy Objects now works correctly

In this release you will notice a lot of fine tuning of the user interface.

Skype for Business 2016 User Interface & Color Scheme

Attendant Pro has now includes not only a Skype for Business 2015 and Lync 2013 user interface, but also the new Skype for Business 2016 UI that is more friendly to accessibility colors.


Easily select which user interface with a click or by pushing out a policy.


Record Calls in MP3 Format

Call recording is built into Attendant Pro and now includes the ability to chose MP3 or WAV recording format for more efficient storage. To configure this go to Options | Recording | Compress to MP3. (Requires Windows 8 or later OS)


Easily Export and Import Settings on another PC

Attendant Pro application settings can be rolled out several ways:

  • Manually configure them using the Options window
  • Push them out using standard Windows Server Group Policy Objects
  • Export the settings from Attendant Pro on one PC and import to another

Go to Options | Configuration Information and click “Export Configuration File” to create a configuration file that can easily be imported on another machine.


Push out an Application Package that Includes default Attendant Pro settings

We have now created a simple method for organizations to create an “application package” that includes organization specific settings users will see when they first run Attendant Pro.

The process to create this package:

  • Configure Attendant Pro as desired
  • Go to Options | Configuration Information and click “Export Configuration File”
  • Rename the configuration file “Settings_Default.config”
  • Place this “Settings_Default.config” in the Attendant Pro installation directory

“Current Call” Panel Position can be adjusted

The Current Call panel will auto center based on screen size or can be manually moved up or down to customize to the need.


Adjust down.


Video Call Control

Video start/stop control is now available on Current Call, Contacts (right click) & Contact Details.


Contact Details


Vertical “Contact Groups” layout

Arrange “Contact Groups” layout horizontally or vertically. Options | General | Contact Groups Layout.

Horizontal “Contact Groups” layout.


Vertical “Contact Groups” layout.


Landis Technologies Announces Office 365 Contact Center is Publicly Available as Preview at Microsoft Inspire 2018

Las Vegas, Nevada 7/16/2018 - At Microsoft Inspire 2018, Landis Technologies LLC is announcing that Office 365 Contact Center is now publicl...