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Attendant Pro for Skype for Business 2016 Quick Start Guide

Attendant Console for Skype for Business 2016 Quick Start Guide available here: PDFOther Office 2016 Quick Start Guides Available Here: Click Here

Microsoft Teams Attendant Console UX: We are committed to a Familiar Future

Whatever the future we believe receptionists should have a familiar & integrated experience. We have invested in developing a UX layer that enables us to deliver user interfaces that create a seamless & familiar attendant console companion to the Microsoft Office 365 or Skype powered tool of your choice. Whether Skype for Business 2015, Skype for Business 2016, Microsoft Lync 2013 or some other future Microsoft user interface, with Attendant Pro you can count on moving into the future with confidence.
Attendant Pro demonstration of a Microsoft Teams user experience.