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Attendant Pro Sept 2016 (Q3-2016) Update: Analytics Dashboard, See Contacts by Department, Office, Etc; Configure Current Call Buttons & More

Download MSI ver. 1.0.x Click HereNew FeaturesAttendant Console Analytics Dashboard (No Server, No Office 365 Dependency)Advanced SearchOutlook-style Search FiltersSee Contacts in a Department (Office, Location, Title) By Select from a List Created From Contact List1-Click Saved SearchSetting to remove unused call transfer buttons from the “Current Call” Sign In or Out of all Skype for Business RGS Queues w/1-Click or Button Press (definable hotkeys)Setting to Auto-Close conversations started by Attendant Pro (suppress inactive conversation windows)“Handled Calls” Panel displays the Contact who picked up a parked call“Medium Contact List” formatted Contact Layout addedLocal Machine Settings (Hkey local machine) apply to all users on a machineAttendant Pro lab tested with JAWS Accessibility softwareAdded Icelandic  language (machine)Users can easily give Feedback via Microsoft Office like feedback navigationEnhancementsPop out Contact from Contact Details header panelContacts styled a …