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February 2015 Update: 1-Click Transfer, Full Group/Contact Mgmt, Global/Local Hotkeys, Group Messaging & Much More

We are announcing the updates today and they will be available March 2. (This is to give admins time to become aware & prepare)New Features1-Click Call Transfer: Call Set to Transfer Mode on Answer, Just click on contact, that’s it! Full Group and Contact Management in Attendant Pro Ability to designate hotkeys as global or application level only Hotkeys for each transfer type Select Dial functionality (selection in any app dialed with hotkey) Send Group Instant Message from "Contact Group" [No additional server] Start Conference Call from Contact Group [No additional server] Screen size, position and monitor/display saved on AP app exit Ability to customize/edit "Email Call Back Reminder" subject & body User photo shown in My Information area Status area at bottom of main screen tweaked to more closely match Office 2013 and be more readable Contact Details and RGS Agent Groups Panel Resize Capability RGS Agent Group Information Panel (Now out of …

Introducing the Expansion Module for Lync Phone Edition: Attendant Pro

Attendant Pro for Lync is the perfect “Expansion Module” for Lync Phone Edition devices with Better Together. Attendant Pro will allow your busy call handlers to have an IP desk phone perfectly integrated with a software expansion module.LPE 1-Click Transfer means Operator can pickup call on Lync Phone Edition and just touch or click on a contact in Attendant Pro…That’s It. No need to click Transfer, just select the contact you want a call to transfer to1-Click (Key, or Touch) Call Park Full Support for Lync Phone Edition (Polycom CX600, HP 4120, Aastra(Mitel) 6725ip) Operator can switch between Lync Optimized headset or Lync Phone Edition Operator has a physical desk phone for “ease of mind” Fast full keyboard User search capability No limit on the contacts you can “pin” in groups for fast access Utilize Exchange Distribution groups Save notes about Callers/Callees that are saved in Exchange Efficiently choose any type of transfer at the moment of transfer Full color photos…