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December 2014 Updates: Operator Notes, Suppress Toast, Edit Contact Layouts, RGS Queue Monitoring, More

We have added a lot of new features in the December 2014 update:NEW FEATURES 0000-Editable Attendant/Operator Notes for Contacts and Phone Numbers using EWS 0000-Voicemail Count indicator (uses EWS) 0000-Call Park Hotkey 0000-Danish internationalization added 0000-French internationalization added 0000-Operator contact notes show on current call window and Contact Details panel 0000-IM button User Experience Optimized- works just like or better than Lync 0000-Added Tab UI on "Options" window 0000-Handle smaller screen resolutions without clipping right side of Attendant Pro 0000-Private Call now indicated on incoming call toast 0000-Calling Number Displayed on Toast 0000-On Hold indication when remote Lync user puts you on holdFIXES & SMALLER ADDITIONS 0000-FIX Redialing name now resolve correctly 0000-contactTitle "contact layout" propertyBETA Features (if they cause a problem disable) 0000-Custom Contact layouts: Ability to use XAML to customiz…