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June 2015 Update: Shared Contact Notes, Group Voicemail, “What’s Next” Calendar View & Much More!

Download the v1.0.5660.21407 MSI Installer: click hereNew Features Centralized/Shared Contact Notes (No Additional Server) Group Voicemail (Quick Access Shortcut Menu/QASM) Visual What's Next Agenda Calendar View in Contact Details Related Contacts – Org related contacts on Contact Details Contact Details Enhancements Saved Conversations (QASM) Tag for Status Alerts Customizable "Park For" template Saved Search (QASM) RGS Agent Group 1-Click Sign In/Out
RGS Agent Group hove now shows agent group members Print Shortcut Key Cheat Sheet (Options screen) Clicking "Keypad Mode" in status bar area will toggle DTMF mode when in a call Allow global hotkeys for Quick Access Shortcuts (QASM)Fixes Disabled horizontal scroll bars when windows "enlarge text and graphics" Mute and Caller picture renders correctly when AP is started mid call Experience better when trying to assign a shortcut key that is already assigned Voicemail indicator(s) updates…