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Attendant Pro Get Operator Contact Notes Using Standard Exchange Technology

COMING SOON: We are introducing the ability for console operators to store their own notes about callers (phone numbers, Lync contact objects) in Attendant Pro. A fundamental goal of Attendant Pro is to ensure that no additional servers are required and this has been adhered to. We have also made several improvements over Attendant 2010 Console by utilizing existing Microsoft technology.Extremely simple to start using: User does nothing, just starts adding notes! Extremely simple for admin: Admin does nothing! (if console user has Exchange Account setup) We use standard Exchange contacts via Exchange Web Services (unlike Attendant 2010 use of proprietary XML file located on single PC) Using EWS means that Operator Contact Notes are available on any PC an operator logs on with their own credentials Using standard Exchange contacts means that you can use Outlook or OWA to add, modify, copy, import or print Operator Contact Notes: No new technology to learn. (no proprietary XML to le…