Friday, January 20, 2017

Attendant Pro Jan 2017 (Q4-2016) Update: Skype for Business 2016 UI, MP3 Recording, Export-Import Settings & More

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  • Skype for Business 2016 User Interface & Color Scheme
    • Skype for Business 2015 & Lync 2013 are still an option
  • MP3 call recording format
  • Easily Export and Import Settings on another PC
  • Ability to push out default application settings that can be later edited by user
  • “Current Call” panel auto centers or can be manually moved up or down
  • Video buttons to Start/Stop video from Current Call, Contacts (right click) & Contact Details
  • Added Vertical “Contact Groups” layout
  • Added ability to click anywhere on the incoming call to answer
  • Ability to Get a Trial Key directly from the main screen
  • Added ability to added buttons for specific contact methods (Work, Mobile, Voicemail, Other, Home) to a “Contact Layout”
  • Small Contact Layout has been modernized
  • Large Contact Layout has been modernized
  • Large Contact List Layout has been modernized
  • “Contact Details” now have modern button look
  • Improved: Presence change icons now have Skype for Business styling
  • Improved: human German translation
  • Fixed: Call Forwarding sometimes stops working after Attendant Pro is running for awhile
  • Fixed: Out of Office & Note formatting in “Contact Details”
  • Fixed: “Vertical Tab” Character in contact fields can cause contact list not to download in “Advanced Search“
  • Fixed: Setting hot keys from Group Policy Objects now works correctly

In this release you will notice a lot of fine tuning of the user interface.

Skype for Business 2016 User Interface & Color Scheme

Attendant Pro has now includes not only a Skype for Business 2015 and Lync 2013 user interface, but also the new Skype for Business 2016 UI that is more friendly to accessibility colors.


Easily select which user interface with a click or by pushing out a policy.


Record Calls in MP3 Format

Call recording is built into Attendant Pro and now includes the ability to chose MP3 or WAV recording format for more efficient storage. To configure this go to Options | Recording | Compress to MP3. (Requires Windows 8 or later OS)


Easily Export and Import Settings on another PC

Attendant Pro application settings can be rolled out several ways:

  • Manually configure them using the Options window
  • Push them out using standard Windows Server Group Policy Objects
  • Export the settings from Attendant Pro on one PC and import to another

Go to Options | Configuration Information and click “Export Configuration File” to create a configuration file that can easily be imported on another machine.


Push out an Application Package that Includes default Attendant Pro settings

We have now created a simple method for organizations to create an “application package” that includes organization specific settings users will see when they first run Attendant Pro.

The process to create this package:

  • Configure Attendant Pro as desired
  • Go to Options | Configuration Information and click “Export Configuration File”
  • Rename the configuration file “Settings_Default.config”
  • Place this “Settings_Default.config” in the Attendant Pro installation directory

“Current Call” Panel Position can be adjusted

The Current Call panel will auto center based on screen size or can be manually moved up or down to customize to the need.


Adjust down.


Video Call Control

Video start/stop control is now available on Current Call, Contacts (right click) & Contact Details.


Contact Details


Vertical “Contact Groups” layout

Arrange “Contact Groups” layout horizontally or vertically. Options | General | Contact Groups Layout.

Horizontal “Contact Groups” layout.


Vertical “Contact Groups” layout.



  1. Does it also work with HDX_RealTime_Media_Engine_2.2_for_Windows

    1. Our commitment it to have AP work in scenarios the Skype for Business PC client works.


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