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Attendant Pro December 2015 Update: Change Other User’s Presence & Notes, Call Recording Upload & More

Download the Attendant Pro v.1.0.5835.27413 BETA MSI Installer: Click Here
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New Features “Change Presence/Note for Another User” UI surfaces SEFAUTIL Server functionality inside Attendant Pro. Call Recording Upload Location Automatically upload recordings to network location of your choice for archiving or manager listeningWhen performing a safe transfer to voicemail contact method, Attendant Pro will use Blind Transfer Attendant Pro only runs once (running it again will set focus to exsisting instance)  Contact Layout Call button logic gets additional intelligence Add Arabic (Quatar), Arabic (UAE), Spanish (Spain), Malay (Malaysia), Czech “Advanced Search” now has paging if more than one page of results are returnedImprovements/Fixes of Exsisting FeaturesUpdated French, German, Danish, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, & Chinese. Fixed - Tool tips on Contact Card contact methods are …